013 – Dragon Ball – Goku’s Rival

We really earn our explicit tag with this one, folks. With the Dragon Balls gone for another year, Goku flies off to train with Master Roshi but ends up becoming Tinder instead. Topics of discussion include: the gentrification of Vince, suggested donations, prudish America, six degrees of Danny Glover, unnecessary trigger warnings, anime running, Kianna’s Flex Appeal, anime ham, fight scenes, how to women, Master Beyoncé, Roshi’s craigslist scam, dirtying the dub, Jeff Goldblum, Turtle’s vacation, Oolong the Male Rights Activist, Krillin love, and shitty kids. We also put Vince’s parents on blast, Aaron tells a story about hentai, and Sherlock the dog weighs in on the hot-button topics. Opening/Closing Track: Dragon Ball (metal cover) by Sonata Antartikasonataantartika.bandcamp.com/music CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ email: kamehousepartypod@gmail.com facebook: www.facebook.com/kamehouseparty/ twitter: twitter.com/kamehouseparty instagram: www.instagram.com/kamehouseparty/