031 – Dragon Ball – The Flying Fortress – Vanished!

A fortress does indeed vanish while Chi-Chi continues her murder spree. Topics of discussion include: trailblazing, pet peeves, secret herbs and spices, how to properly staff an army, what Nimbus is made of, Roshi’s musical, Vince’s dream family, dog society, monologuing, army capsules, hot lava, Mai’s kink, and Goku’s weaknesses. We also have a title pitch meeting, realize that weddings are food, and come up with slogans for Shu’s political career. Music by 8-Bit Suicide www.8bitsuicide.com/ email: kamehousepartypod@gmail.com facebook: www.facebook.com/kamehouseparty/ twitter: twitter.com/kamehouseparty instagram: www.instagram.com/kamehouseparty/