155 – Dragon Ball – Mystery of the Dark World

NEWS: We’re gonna have an artist alley table at TekkoCon 2020 (April 2-5) in Pittsburgh, PA. More info to come, but you can go ahead and get your tickets if you want to save a few bucks. http://www.teamtekko.us/registration/

Goku and Chi-Chi travel to the underworld to ask someone to turn down the thermostat.

Topics of discussion include: solving climate change, hoarding, young adult Naruto, support items, illusion magic, escaping nightmares, ghost dating apps, and spaghetti.

We also reveal the origins of our very scripted podcast.

Music by 8-Bit Suicide https://8bitsuicide.bandcamp.com/

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Your weekly podcast review: Without Kame House party in my life I wouldn’t know what pure joy is. Their genuine love for both anime and improv is infectious, so much so that I’ve even considered taking an intro improv course. I’ve also considered that this podcast could change not only my life but yours. Intention and action – comedy – care – Kame House Party.

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