S1E2 – Wilder Girls ft. Theo of LGBTimeMachine

Host of LGBTimeMachine Theo joins Marn in the library this week to talk about Rory Power’s Wilder Girls, a Young Adult horror novel about an all-girls’ boarding school on an isolated island, where things can only go extremely well when a strange endemic breaks out and the Navy comes a-callin’. Topics of discussion include: how Wilder Girls handles its LGBTQ characters, how it DOESN’T handle character development, sneaky exposition, gross parasites, and why we need more YA horror in our lives.

You can find Marn on Twitter at @corpserevivers, Theo at @FairyPrinceTheo, and the podcast @deadletterpod. You should also check out Theo’s writing on their itch.io page!

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