S02E01 – Sarazanmai – Welcome to Asakusa, Dish!

Episode Notes

Asakusa is incorrectly labeled as a town/municipality when it would be more accurate to call it a district of Tokyo, Japan.

Normally our show runs about an hour but, on occasions like this, we may extend to an hour and half. We’re still figuring things out with you.

We had several remote recording issues that had to be corrected in post. Some parts of Sabrina’s side of the discussion had to be re-recorded and inserted after the fact to make up for distorted or inaudible audio. We will work hard to ensure this does not happen in the future and appreciate your patience with the inconsistency of our recording.

Just a word from Sabrina regarding her voice: “For those new to our podcasts, I am Sabrina Rei and I’m a transwoman who transitioned later in life. While I am confident in my voice in almost all areas of my day to day existence and am rarely misgendered, I long ago made the decision to give precedent to the content of my podcasts over my own vanity and thus there are times when my speaking voice will not be consistent with my female gender and there are times when it absolutely will. I apologize for any confusion that results and I humbly beg your understanding as I continue to improve my consistency.”

Thank you for listening!


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