S1E3 – The Hunger ft. Calhoun Crimin

This week, fantasy web serial author Calhoun Crimin joins Marn to talk about Alma Katsu’s The Hunger, a historical fiction novel that tells the story of the Donner Party with a supernatural twist added on top. Topics of discussion include: fact vs. fiction, why Marn is afraid of hypothermia, the Oregon Trail, getting lost in the tall grass, and (of course) cannibalism.

More seriously, we spend most of this episode talking about cannibalism and starvation, and the effect it had on the survivors of the Donner Party. This is not the most feel-good episode of Dead Letter Society, and it is one you may want to skip if the human body’s ability to do wild and messed up things in traumatic situations is not something you like to think about.

You can find Marn on Twitter at @corpserevivers, Cal at @paladinpals, and the podcast @deadletterpod. You should also check out Cal’s fantasy detective web serial, Quoria!

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