S1E4 – Horrorstör ft. Danny

This week, Marn and fellow internet author/ghost fan Danny sit down to scream about Grady Hendrix’s Horrorstör, a horror “comedy” about ORSK, a store that definitely isn’t IKEA but definitely is haunted by the ghosts of tormented prisoners. Topics of discussion include: how we use horror as a framework to talk about capitalism, why IKEA specifically is scary, good graphic design, Pride 2: The Sequel to Pride, and being scared of the dark.

You can find Marn on Twitter at @corpserevivers, Danny at @GHOSTZVNE, and the podcast @deadletterpod. You should also check out Danny’s writing on his Itch.io page!

Dead Letter Society’s theme music is Misery by Double Dragon and our lovely cover art is by Alyssa K.

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