The Blink Network (Feat. GM DangerDude)

This week we’re joined by a special guest: DangerDude, the GM who ran The Blink Network ARG! Come learn how Marn and I met playing an ARG! Marn teaches a robot to love weed and ska. Andrew finds some early pages for a new book. DangerDude teaches them how to hack. All 3 learn just how hard it is to run an ARG!.

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The Orange Groves Network

The Blink Network YouTube Channel

Paul Rudd Facts!

The Secret, Unsolved Image We Found While Recording!

Danger didn’t mention it in the episode but wanted us to include a link to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network!


Lovecraft Country


Schitt’s Creek

Steven Universe

Infinity Train

Fargo Season 4

The Garages

Jon Bois’s 17776 – What Football Will Look Like In The future and 20020 – The Future of College Football

Mouth Dreams




Red Velvet

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