Anime Sickos Sickos (feat. Anime Sicko Tom Harrison)

Riley somehow found their way out of the mines, so Andrew had to enlist Tom Harrison from the Anime Sickos as a new potential cohost! We need to figure out how to extract those sweet sweet coins from podcasting, one idea at a time.

You can find Riley on the episode of Anime Sickos that came out today as well!

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When he’s out of the Mines, Tom is a the host of Anime Sickos and the GM for Shuffle Quest! Act quickly and get your hands on the best Podcast Merch over at the Anime Sickos shop!

When Andrew’s helmet comes off he wastes too much time on Twitter and streams a variety games over on Twitch. He’s also the cohost of the ARGonauts Podcast, an Alternate Reality Game Deep Dive show.

Our incredible show art was created by Alyssa and our Home Depot Style Beat was made by Matt!!