33: More Inclusive Child Soldier Camps

(cw: discussion of fictional suicide and abusive father-daughter relationships throughout)

The Last Olympian, ch. 18 to 20

The Unwise Girls go head to head in the most conflict-driven episode yet, and it’s not just Percy and Kronos squaring off – Jacqueline and Jane are practically at each other’s throats with how much they disagree about these chapters! We argue about whether or not Luke’s story resolved satisfyingly (and what that even means in relation to the idea of ‘redemption’), tear into what Rick Riordan is ultimately saying with this whole series’ thesis (and if the book’s overall quality is being affected by it needing to be a wrap-up), if Hermes really got what was coming to him in the end (wait, huh?) and also about Jane’s debilitating addiction to Ben Shapiro. We’re almost at the end, y’all, so it’s gonna get weird whether we like it or not!

Come back next week for The Last Olympian, ch. 21 to 23!

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