Pepsi Navy Exposed (Andrew and Marn’s ARG) feat. Riley Hopkins and Ty Galiz-Rowe

Join Andrew and Marn (and special guests Riley and Ty!) as they dig into the ARG that they ran, Pepsi Navy Exposed! Marn sold a Navy. Andrew runs a forum. Ty learns that Pepsi Spires exist. Riley mines for a bunch of Pepcoins. They all walk out with a commemorative t-shirt.

Useful Links:

The Orange Groves Network

Pepsi Navy Exposed!

The Player's Summary Google Doc

The Bad Sewing Page Andrew Loves So Much

Pepsi Logo Redesign Document

Info on Peter Arnell, the Advertiser behind the Pepsi Logo Redesign

Riley meets Booster Phillips at C2E2

Booster Phillips Action Figure

P.e.p.S.I. Twitter Account, Complete with Memes


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