41: We Fail No Nut November

The Red Pyramid, ch. 17 to 20

It’s a lean, mean episode of Unwise Girls as we cover The Red Pyramid’s first truly consistently good chapters! We talk all about funny Bast (try to) eat a bird, pyramid power, globetrotting adventures, the importance of English class curtain symbolism, Dude Bro and Hella Jeff, the gentrified House of Life, and the framing device we’ve loved to complain about finally paying off.

Come back next week for The Red Pyramid, ch. 21 to 24!

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Hosted by Jacqueline (https://twitter.com/swampduchess) and Jane (https://twitter.com/janeyshivers). Edited by Jacqueline. Cover art by Vera (https://twitter.com/Innsmouth_Inn).  

Intro/outro credit: On Hold For You by Kevin MacLeod  

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