43: God Save the Pharaoh

(cw: discussion of gun violence. also sorry the audio is kinda subpar in this one!! i’ll try to have that fixed by next recording)

The Red Pyramid, ch. 25 to 28

This week on Unwise Girls, we come in hot with an exciting announcement about someone else’s podcast before getting into big brother boat privilege, the deep history of the Bass Pro Pyramid (we don’t ever indulge in the horrible podcast crime of “reading wikipedia” so please allow us this one), how emo is something anyone can be eternally, anti-monarchist Carter, Sadie’s complicated dadfeels, the common assumption in discussing children’s literature of the white child reader, and an epic reading of the themes by Jane. Also, Bloodstained Blade! Hell yeah!

Come back next week for The Red Pyramid, ch. 29 to 32!

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