60: Dear Percy Jackson

The Lightning Thief musical

After an unfortunate week off due to horrible computer breakage, the glitz and glamor of the stage come to bear on Unwise Girls! Before we dive into the depths of Heroes of Olympus, we take a refresher on where we came from and talk all about the magic of stagecraft, the portrayal of our most favoritest alcoholic, Percy’s toilet paper telekinesis, some simple but effective changes done to the story’s structure and twists, the power of sappy animatics, and the good and bad of multi-casting.

Come back next week for The Lost Hero, ch. 1 to 4!

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Hosted by Jacqueline (https://twitter.com/swampduchess) and Jane (https://twitter.com/janeyshivers). Edited by Jacqueline. Cover art by Vera (https://twitter.com/Innsmouth_Inn).

Our intro this week is just Jacqueline doing the last theme song we had. Listen, it’s a temporary solution!