61: First Piper Shooter

The Lost Hero, ch. 1 to 4

Huh? The Camp Half-Blood Chronicles? Sorry, I don’t remember it… But I guess if you say I do a podcast about it, I should at least give these notes a read. Okay, so apparently, the Unwise Girls this week finally start on the Heroes of Olympus – and it rocks!! We get into how this book uses multi-character perspective versus how it was done in the Kane Chronicles, mean girls, the world’s coolest penny, Jason’s thousand-yard stare, Leo homophobic moments, a slightly off return to the prophecy prediction corner, and the coolest weapons a demigod can use. Welcome back, everyone.

Come back next week for The Lost Hero, ch. 5 to 8!

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Hosted by Jacqueline (https://twitter.com/swampduchess) and Jane (https://twitter.com/janeyshivers). Edited by Jacqueline. Cover art by Vera (https://twitter.com/Innsmouth_Inn).

Intro/outro: “Super Mariocean” by spacepony (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01147)

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