74: Percy Goes to Camp Jupiter…

The Son of Neptune, ch. 1 to 4

…to get more stupider!!!! This week, all roads lead to New Rome, and the Unwise Girls dive through these opening chapters chronologically to really key in on what works and what doesn’t. We discuss how comfortably Percy’s voice is returned to, the real problem with hippies, a variety of comedy men, the Kane Chronicles crossover we actually want to happen, the famous Fallout epic gaming franchise, why the movies fell through (hint: they were bad), the problems that come with being like "Hey, wasn’t Rome cool? Let’s keep Rome going!", and a character who we might be even happier to see return than the Son of Neptune himself.

Come back next week for The Son of Neptune, ch. 5 to 8!

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Hosted by Jacqueline (https://twitter.com/swampduchess) and Jane (https://twitter.com/janeyshivers). Edited by Jacqueline. Cover art by Vera (https://twitter.com/Innsmouth_Inn).

Intro/outro: "Super Mariocean" by spacepony (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01147)

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