78: Weetawhatzits

The Son of Neptune, ch. 17 to 20

On this week’s Unwise Girls, we cover one of the most chilling chapters yet… heh, well… see, okay, so it’s Alaska, right? So it’s cold. But also, Rick Riordan’s really dealing in horror elements, so it’s like a bit of a pun. You get it? You get it! Anyway, we talk about how it’s easier for children’s authors to go hard in flashbacks, metaphors always having to also be Something, unexpected localizations, all of Frank’s plans coming to naught, which character we want PJO to be rewritten from the perspective of, our hopes for the party ponies, schist, and Hazel’s pure, dead heart.

Come back next week for The Son of Neptune, ch. 21 to 24!

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