Nectar of the Pods: Episode 15 – HerculE3!

Hercules (1997 film)

hey folks!!! jacqueline here, i got really sick this week and my voice died so we couldn’t record – so here’s a bonus episode we technically promised we’d put out uhhh (checks notes) over a year ago? that can’t be right! anyway, we talk about the movie HERCULES in it!!!! if you like hearing us do that, find more of that over on the patreon!

in this episode, to quote the original description, "we speculate wildly about which Egyptian God Cards will appear in the Kane Chronicles, talk about the progress of Samus Metroid’s HRT treatments, and finally dive into one of Jacqueline’s favourite Disney movies."

Come back next week FOR REAL for The Son of Neptune, ch. 45 to 48!

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Intro/outro: Windswept by Kevin MacLeod

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