Episode 100: Bibliophile Beatdown (Starring Marn and Rowan)

Rowan (@birdlord5000) and Marn (corpserevivers) are two library employees on a mission to scientifically determine the best library mascot there is. And if Riley and Andrew have taught them anything, it’s that a bracket is always the best way to make decisions.

This podcast was created as part of the One Mic Stand podcast jam hosted by The Podcast Mines! Our theme music is Library Takeout. Cover art is by Marn, matchup graphics by Rowan!

This episode was made as part of the One Mic Stand Podcast Jam! Thank you to everyone who submitted, and we hope you enjoy this 100th episode!

When they’re out of the Mines, Riley is a Tabletop Game Designer whose games can be found at Linksmith Games. They have a lot of other shows including Never Believe It, If Not Us Then Who, and Champs in the Making.

When Andrew’s helmet comes off he wastes too much time on Twitter and streams a variety games over on Twitch. He’s also the cohost of the ARGonauts Podcast, an Alternate Reality Game Deep Dive show.

Our incredible show art was created by Alyssa and our Home Depot Style Beat was made by Matt!!

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