87: Goated with the Nog

The Demigod Diaries

In maybe the longest yet recorded episode of Unwise Girls, we take a break before starting on our next big novel to instead cover a supplementary book with stories ranging from years before the events of PJO to ones that take place mere months before The Son of Neptune. It absolutely rocks! We talk about how Luke did nothing wrong (except for all of the many things he did wrong), all gods TRULY are bastards, heaving goat udders, the horror of dehumanization, the differing significance of the gods to you depending on how much of a main character you are, the best giant in the series, Taco Claus, cucknets, eht sveen flablohods fo rphopcey, the long-lasting legacy of Charles Beckendorf, cosmic parasite mobsters, and Christian gods.

Come back next week for The Mark of Athena, ch. 1 to 4!

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Hosted by Jacqueline (https://twitter.com/swampduchess) and Jane (https://twitter.com/janeyshivers). Edited by Jacqueline. Cover art by Vera (https://twitter.com/Innsmouth_Inn).

Intro/outro: "Super Mariocean" by spacepony (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01147)