Guest Ep: Twitch Streaming and the Middle Ages in Gaming with Ludohistory!

Episode Notes

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In this episode of the Maniculum Podcast, we welcome twitch streamer and medieval studies scholar Adam to the show. Adam, who holds a master’s degree in medieval studies from the University of Iceland and is currently working on a master’s in cultural heritage, has a passion for exploring the representation of the middle ages in gaming. He shares his unique perspective on the portrayal of this fascinating time period in modern gaming.

In our conversation, we discuss the ways in which the middle ages are depicted in games and how accurate these representations are. Adam shares his thoughts on the common tropes and stereotypes that are often used in games set in the middle ages, as well as some examples of games that offer a more nuanced and realistic portrayal of the time period.
Adam also discusses his experience as a twitch streamer and how he uses his platform to educate and entertain his audience about the middle ages. He shares some of his favorite games to play and stream that are set in the middle ages, as well as his thoughts on the current state of the gaming industry in terms of historical accuracy.

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