93: Certified Gank Moment

The Mark of Athena, ch. 21 to 24

Glub glub, we’re fishin’ for the big one this week on Unwise Girls! As our group of intrepid New Neo Civil War collaborators finally head off into the Atlantic, we end up covering a bunch of major, earth-shattering revelations… including the fact that Jane totally ruined our cover art! Apart from that, we talk about these chapters being suspiciously light for how much they offhandedly add to the world, dating sometimes being very different than just being nerd best friends, injury pissing contests, Gaea the liar, a potential Tres Navarre crossover, and big boys baking brownies at Camp Fish-Blood.

Come back next week for The Mark of Athena, ch. 25 to 28!

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Intro/outro: "Super Mariocean" by spacepony (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01147)