94: Chad v Incel: A Dissection

The Mark of Athena, ch. 25 to 28

Is that the Rock of Gibraltar I see? Ah, no, it’s this week’s episode of Unwise Girls! As our heroes finally reach the Mediterranean, we the audience finally get to meet possibly the most iconic figure of Greek myth. We talk about all the different kinds of ships you can find on a ship, Piper’s story being treated as lesser (and how that’s different from what’s going on with Hazel), Jason the reactionary, cosmic hierarchy, why Percy and Hercules didn’t need to meet, sneaky pronunciation guides, Richard Siken, Ocean Man, and Jason’s himbo streak.

Come back next week for The Mark of Athena, ch. 29 to 32!

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Intro/outro: "Super Mariocean" by spacepony (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01147)