98: Lance’s Big Smooth Head

The Mark of Athena, ch. 41 to 44

There was a story your dad told you, once. It’s sort of hazy after all of these years, sure, but doesn’t it still live in you? In your bones? Well, this isn’t that story, but it is Unwise Girls! We’re continuing through The Mark of Athena’s climax and talking this week about a major mistake in the casting announcements, how not breaking up with your boyfriend does not a super interesting story arc make, grabbing the narrative bull by the horns, vision checklists, water god mythology resonance, chapterlets, a salve for doomerism, Pipson, scary ass wells, the biggest victim of bullying on the Argo II, and little things that just haven’t been set up in exchange for the long game.

Come back next week for The Mark of Athena, ch. 45 to 48!

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