100: The Big One (Zero Zero)

The Mark of Athena, ch. 49 to 52

It’s not just the end of a book – it’s the end of an era as we close out the first two years and one hundred episodes of Unwise Girls! Join us in our chapter discussions as we talk about rational self interest, the differences between Percy and Annabeth’s views of the gods, grounding yourself in the status quo, goofy ass villains, friendship guy, Coach Hedge getting hit with the dodgeball of Apollo, a very merry Festus Sweep, and our overall thoughts on the Mark of Athena. After that, we have a very special Q&A corner where we answer a ton of your questions, talking about things like our favorite aspects of Rick Riordan’s writing and our conception of the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles as a mecha anime! Finally, we take some time to reflect on the show itself. Thanks, everyone.

Come back next week for the Unwise Girls actual play of Sleepaway!

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