Episode #76

Round 3, folks! Give it up for round 3! Jay, Max, Jane and Jacqueline embark on the post-Paldean third round of Champs in the Making. Is Empoleon handsome or haggard? What does Jacqueline think about mold? Is Corviknight a taxi, a cop, or both? We’re in it now.

Champs in the Making is a show where a plethora of Moonshot hosts and guests check in whenever they can to argue about a bracket of all 800+ Pokémon. Which pocket monster will be the very best when it’s all over? You can listen to episodes early by supporting the network at $1+ a month, and this public feed is updated every other Monday!

Today’s hosts are:

Our theme music is Trapped in a Pokéball feat. Belthesar, by DJ CUTMAN courtesy of Game Chops.

Our art is by @_Mnots.