S1E3 – The Haunting of Autom Manor

Episode Notes

[Warning: The following episode contains sudden loud noises, a depiction of violence, and a depiction of kidnapping.]

Clem Bianchi’s next job takes them to Mimas, where reclusive author Miriam Autom is typing away at her next soon-to-be smash hit. In fact, she has been for a while – so long that when Clem arrives, they meet two other couriers sent on the same job. Todd, the first mailman to make it to the house, claims that Autom Manor is haunted. With the author impossible to extract from her office, the trio of couriers embarks on an old-fashioned ghost hunt.


Kai Swanson as Clem Bianchi; Jarrod Hill as Vance Tarr; Riley Hopkins as Todd; and Briar Zachary as Miriam Autom; with Nicklas Kenyon and Nicole Mooers as the ghosts of Autom Manor; and Felix Kingsley as DOGA.

Additional Postage Required is written and created by Jay Petrequin. “The Haunting of Autom Manor” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Chris Hutton. The show’s opening theme, “Kind Starlight,” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Timothy LaMarque. This episode also featured the song “A Ghost Story” by Sara Afonso, used under Creative Commons from the Free Music Archive. Other sounds are courtesy of freesound.org and the FilmCow sound effect library. Podcast artwork by Gary Calupo.

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All Freesound.org sounds are licensed under a Creative Commons 0 license. Freesound.org sound effects used in this episode:

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