101: Farting Animal Noises

The House of Hades, ch. 1 to 6

After our wacky detour to a Camp Half-Blood filled with creeps and ghouls, we return for a brand new book! This week, the Unwise Girls begin the penultimate entry in the Heroes of Olympus by talking about Hazel finally getting to take the spotlight again, the fact that this book is somehow 20 chapters longer than the last and yet the same number of pages, Darth Hekate the Wise, magical bloodlines finally getting a bit of sand kicked in their face, the hole Annabeth left behind, Nico’s genuine concern for Percy, secret villains, and how to arrange your party comps for maximum character development (hint: put them on a boat).

Come back next week for The House of Hades, ch. 7 to 12!

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