S1E4 – Gone Fishing (Part 1)

Episode Notes

[Warning: The following episode contains sudden loud noises, a depiction of murder, and a depiction of environmental emergency. Listener discretion is advised.]

Clem Bianchi makes a delivery to the acidic waters and lonely scientific minds of Scylla – where the resident eggheads are celebrating a monumental discovery. Clem decides to stay a while to revel in the local caviar and passionate company – but not before catching a whiff of something dark lurking in the saltwater.


Kai Swanson as Clem Bianchi; Sabrina Rei as Dr. Melodica Bennings; Nicklas Kenyon as Dr. Castor Montebello; and Nikolai Veyezkov as Vladislav Volkov; with Felix Kingsley as DOGA, Jay Petrequin as Riser Jacobs, and Lex Fraser, Kay Bay and Wheels Wheeler as the ensemble.

Additional Postage Required is written and created by Jay Petrequin. “Gone Fishing (Part 1)” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Chris Hutton. The show’s opening theme, “Kind Starlight,” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Timothy LaMarque. Sounds and music are courtesy of the Soundstripe sound archive, freesound.org and the FilmCow sound effect library. Podcast artwork by Gary Calupo.

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All Freesound.org sounds are licensed under a Creative Commons 0 license. Freesound.org sound effects used in this episode:

Rain and Thunder 4 by FlatHill; Lightning / Thunder Strike , rainless storm by csigusz_foxoup; AMBIENT – Rain – Under Plastic Overhang (LOOP).mp3 by Arctura; Hi Tops Running on wood.wav by dhallcomposer; crash.wav by sagetyrtle; Metal_Crash.wav by Feedbackdesignz; SCI-FI_DOOR_2 by alexo400; beep4 by thisusernameis; plug in a microphone by chestnutjam; Short Mic Static by 18hiltc; Empty Corridor of a Spacecraft by Vospi; SYNTH Transition Sound FX in D 124 bpm by DymaiSound;Small Crowd pre-concert talking party bar walla talking by JohnsonBrandEditing; SciFi Inspect Sound, UI, or In-Game Notification 01.wav by MATRIXXX_; BILLINSGATE FISH MARKET LONDON AMBIENCE by ukjoncollins; Frying Bacon by Urkki69; and Bedsheets Ruffle zip (16-44.1).wav by cmorris035.

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