S1E5 – Gone Fishing (Part 2)

Episode Notes

[Warning: The following episode contains sudden loud noises, as well as depictions of violence, height-based peril, drowning-based peril, and gun usage. Listener discretion is advised.]

At Nakamura Research Station on Scylla, Clem Bianchi woke up in a charming scientist’s bed, without said scientist anywhere to be found. Minutes later, they found out a scientist was murdered just down the hall. Minutes after THAT, Clem became the primary suspect in the murder. Then the power went out. How’s your day?


Kai Swanson as Clem Bianchi; Nikolai Veyezkov as Vladislav Volkov; Jay Petrequin as Riser Jacobs; Max Newland as Captain Dinn Emmerich; and Sabrina Rei as Dr. Melodica Bennings; with Felix Kingsley as DOGA, and Camilla Alexandrite, Jake Hawkins and Kay Bay as the ensemble.

Additional Postage Required is written and created by Jay Petrequin. “Gone Fishing (Part 2)” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Chris Hutton. The show’s opening theme, “Kind Starlight,” was written and produced by Jay Petrequin and Tim LaMarque. Sounds and music are courtesy of the Soundstripe sound archive, freesound.org and the FilmCow sound effect library. Podcast artwork by Gary Calupo.

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All Freesound.org sounds are licensed under a Creative Commons 0 license. Freesound.org sound effects used in this episode:

Empty Corridor of a Spacecraft by Vospi; SYNTH Transition Sound FX in D 124 bpm by DymaiSound;Small Crowd pre-concert talking party bar walla talking by JohnsonBrandEditing; SciFi Inspect Sound, UI, or In-Game Notification 01.wav by MATRIXXX_; drop01.wav by newagesoup; and Stumble and Fall.wav by danhelbling.

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