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Who is Moonshot?

Moonshot is a podcast network built on creative collaborations and far-out ideas: limited series, experimental actual plays, media critique and analysis, themed livestreams, big charity events, and more. We’re a place for indie stars to shine bright and play around. The majority of our current shows focus on deep, critical dives into media – from creating transformative fan work through tabletop games to summarizing, reviewing and critiquing our favorite books, shows, et cetera.

Our primary goal at Moonshot is to be a home for creatively out-there ideas, shorter and seasonal projects, and experiments in the podcast medium that might not fit in anywhere else. We aim to provide the enthusiasm, the structure, and support for our members to work on their dream projects, whatever they might be. Our second goal is giving first-time and early-career creators the tools they need for a successful start. We feel strongly that podcasting should not be a gatekept medium, and aim to support new creators with the funding and guidance to make their show a success. This includes help finding and (if necessary) paying for show art and theme music, promoting shows to the wider Moonshot audience, collaborative opportunities on other podcasts, transcription services, and Twitch stream guest spots.

Moonshot was founded on the principles of shared work and shared fun. The network is run by three committees of creators, each tackling a different aspect of day-to-day operations, so that no one person bears the whole burden of administration. We encourage each other not to apologize for ideas, not to be afraid to make suggestions or raise concerns, and to feel safe to brainstorm and problem solve as creatively and honestly as possible. Many of our ideas truly are shooting for the moon, but we always aim to ground them in reality and execute them with passion.

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